Sahbhagita Yojana

Considering the importance of cows and the religious significance they hold, the Uttar Pradesh Government has taken certain definitive measures to help the destitute cattle. The scheme is titled Uttar Pradesh Sahbhagita Yojana 2020 and was launched for helping out cattle who are usually loitering unclaimed.

What does the scheme involve?

Under the scheme, the Uttar Pradesh government has promised to offer ₹30 a day for taking care of destitute animals and for their healthy upbringing.

Key features of the Uttar Pradesh Sahbhagita yojana 2020

  1. Caring and rearing livestock: according to the scheme, stray animals roaming aimlessly on the road and street locality and openly defecating there creates a sorry sight for all. Under the scheme, these animals will be taken to a shed and taken care of there under proper hygienic supervision. Problems that restrict such animals from having a life of dignity will be eliminated and problems such as accidents caused by the dirt will also be taken care of by the implementation of the scheme.
  2. Cattle rearing: under the implementation of the scheme, stray animals will be properly raised and fed with the right kind of meals.
  3. Adoption of cows: under the scheme, a campaign of adoption of one lakh public cows will also be open and an option for farmers who can now adopt cows and these farmers will be given financial support on a daily basis so that they can nurture and care for the cattle well.
  4. Economic benefits offered: the scheme promises to pay ₹30 a day, which comes up to ₹900 a month. This amount will be deposited in the account of the farmer whose main objective is to take care of the stray animal.
  5. Increase in income of farmers: the main benefit of the scheme will be extended to not only the cattle but also to the farmer because the income of the farmer will increase due to the breeding of cows as several small businesses can be started by the rearing of cows.

Eligibility criteria for the Sahbhagita yojana

In order to avail of the benefits offered by the scheme, the farmers need to adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Dairy card and Kisan card: the benefits of the scheme will be available only to farmers who have a Dairy card and Kisan card with them, registered in their name. While registering for the scheme, the farmer has to bring the cards along
  2. Bank documents: the money offered under the scheme will be deposited in the farmer’s account directly. For this to happen, the farmer has to offer details of his bank account to the government. The government will use the DBT facility for the implementation of the scheme
  3. ID Proof: in order to prove whether the farmer is a resident of Uttar Pradesh or not, the farmer has to procure proof. Documents that can work in this regard are: Aadhaar and/or Voter ID card.
  4. Photos: the farmer will have to bring about passport size photos while registering for the scheme.

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