UP Bhulekh Map

Digitization of the property has been an innovative concept, and landowners have always been in awe of this. For the longest time, keeping a track of one’s property was a big task. However, with the Digital India movement in action, the Uttar Pradesh Government is now being enabled to digitize its property-based records. 

With the UP Bhulekh Map, you can read up about the Map of Uttar Pradesh, through the comforts of your home. 

In order to have a digital record of your property, you would have to sign up on the UP Bhulekh portal. It is an essential thing these days to have your property digitized as it saves you the hassles of having to deal with tonnes of paperwork and being entangled in a mess in case you happen to lose any one of those. 

What information can you get from the UP Bhulekh scheme?

Once you have logged in and registered your property on the UP Bhulekh portal, you will easily be able to see the map of your property. Not just that, you will also be able to see the type of land you own and other such essential bits of information that come in handy while you consider selling the land or even planning to put it to better use. 

Parting thoughts

It is often handy to have information digitized. That takes away the hassle of maintaining documents, which have a shelf life and are prone to wear and tear too. In the long run, it isn’t good to have physical documents. With the turn of the century towards digitization, this is a great move by the UP government. 

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