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Telangana Non-Agricultural Property Registration 2021 – Online Slot Booking at

Over the last couple of months, several features on governmental websites came to a standstill, simply because there weren’t enough experts to keep the sites up and running; courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemics. Among several other things, what also got caught in the eye of the storm was the registration of non-agricultural properties which was earlier stopped on the 8th of September and then resumed on the 14th of December 2020.

The Telangana Non-Agricultural registration for all properties in the state is now fully operational, in case you wish to register your property with the State government.

Telangana Non-Agricultural Property Registration

The official website for Telangana Non-Agricultural Property registration is available in case anyone wishes to register properties. On the other hand, the service of non-agricultural property registration can also be availed at Meeseva centres for ₹200.

However, the only catch with a Meeseva centre is that each sub-registrar office can only be allotted 100 slots for registration per day, as was the case under normal circumstances. With Covid-19 protection protocol, now Meeseva centres only allow 24 slots per day.

How to book slots for Telangana Non-Agricultural Property registration online?

Here is the complete breakdown of the process for online slot booking for the Telangana Non-Agricultural property registration:

  • Firstly, the applicant is expected to visit the website for Registration and Stamps department on the Telangana government official website
  • On the homepage, there will be a “Click here for Slot booking for Non-Agriculture Property registration” as shown below:
  • Then, the Citizen Registration Website for the Non-Agricultural property Registration will appear as shown below:
  • On this page, the applicant is supposed to “Book your slot” to open the Citizen Login for the Telangana Non-Agricultural Property registration page.
  • The applicant is supposed to click on the “Register Now” link on the above-presented page to open the Telangana Non-Agricultural Property Registration online slot booking page.
  • The applicant has to enter the name and mobile number, click on the Get OTP button and after entering the OTP, the applicant has to click on the “Register” button.
  • Once the registration has gone through successfully, the applicant has to click on “Click here to login” to make the Citizen login using the mobile number and password which would be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • Finally, the applicant has to change the automatically-generated password by entering the new password and click at “Update password” as shown here:
  • Once the password has been updated, “Click here to login again” to go to the online slot booking page. On this page, there are several options such as Slot Booking, Apply without Aadhaar, Apply PTIN/tPIN, Apply for PTIN/TPIN for the property, Issues Tracker as shown herewith.
  • Once the slots are booked, the page where the Telangana Non-Agricultural Property registration Slot Booking form is present will appear as shown below.
  • Finally, on this page, fill in transaction type, transaction sub-type, property type, local body type, and click on the “Save and continue” button.

That makes it for the process of booking non-agricultural property online in Telangana.

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