Kanyashri Prakalpa Scheme

The West Bengal Kanyashri Prakalpa Scheme was introduced by the State Government of West Bengal in the year 2013. This scheme was devised by the Department of Women Development and Social Welfare, Government of West Bengal. This scheme was implemented to enable and empower the education of a girl inRead More →

Swasthya Sathi Scheme

The pandemic has really taught governments worldwide an important lesson – the significance of healthcare. With the onset of the pandemic, several economies all over the world came to a standstill just because of the oversight laid on healthcare and maintaining medical infrastructure. The West Bengal government intends to learnRead More →


The land is a personal belonging and gets categorized as an asset. Maintaining land records can be a fairly tedious affair and different states have a different way of maintaining land records. The state government of West Bengal has digitized its land ownership records, pertaining to the age of digitizationRead More →

Sabooj Sathi Scheme

Ever since our Independence, governments have incessantly attempted to make education accessible to students. As a country, our priority has not changed quite a lot however, our areas of focus have. While initially, it was about creating the infrastructure for the propagation of education all over the country, now itRead More →

Lokprasar Prakalpa

India prides itself on its cultural diversity. But in a culture that is majorly being influenced by westernization, the government of India has now taken initiatives to preserve century-old traditions that are dear to us.  One such initiative is the Lokprasar Prakalp0 – a unique scheme which is aimed toRead More →