UP Ganna Parchi Calendar

The Uttar Pradesh Ganna Parchi Calendar initiative was launched by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in the year 2020. This initiative is an exceptionally empowering program designed to help the sugarcane farmers all across the state to get the right information and details on various issues related to sugarcane farming,Read More →

UP Divyang Shadi Yojana

In a progressive society, everyone has equal access to the pursuit of happiness. Bearing in mind the same notion, the Uttar Pradesh government has taken a progressive step towards offering those who are differently-abled an equal shot at life and everything that entails in it. The UP Divyang Shadi YojanaRead More →

UP Shadi Anudan Yojana

Economically weaker families tend to look at marriages as something of a burden and not as a union of souls in the spirit of matrimony. And their fears are not irrational, to say the least, because as we all are aware, marriages are quite expensive and what are weddings ifRead More →


Applying for fair ownership of what is one’s property is essentially a fundamental right. But with a lack of quality clerical assistance in several parts of the country, the maintenance of documentation and records becomes a tedious affair. To bring order to the haphazard shape of affairs in Uttar Pradesh,Read More →

Har Ghar Nal Yojana

Safe and usable water is a basic human right, and every household is entitled to receive safe drinking water. This remains to be non-negotiable and governments over the years have persistently tried to bring water connection to households far and wide, and regardless of how steep the task seems toRead More →

Sahbhagita Yojana

Considering the importance of cows and the religious significance they hold, the Uttar Pradesh Government has taken certain definitive measures to help the destitute cattle. The scheme is titled Uttar Pradesh Sahbhagita Yojana 2020 and was launched for helping out cattle who are usually loitering unclaimed. What does the schemeRead More →

Yogi Majdur Yojana

Trying times call for relief schemes for the vulnerable; they are the ones who get affected most severely with the consequences of something like a lockdown. Hence, in favor of those labourers and daily wage workers who are finding it really hard to go through days right now, the CMRead More →