Rajasthan Vidya Sambal Yojana

Looking at how the pandemic has disrupted academics all over the country, the Rajasthan government has initiated a scheme that aims to bridge the gap and enable students to get by with their studies. In order to bring quality education to students, every educational institution needs quality educators. Bridging theRead More →

Krishak Sathi Yojana

Farmers have, for the longest time, found themselves at the end of the short straw. Due to a variety of reasons, they are unable to make ends meet and sustain their families. For years, farmers have faced financial adversity after another, and with the onset of the pandemic and subsequentRead More →

Free Farm Loan Scheme

Ever since our independence, there have been several schemes launched for the betterment of farmers who happen to be the backbone of our economy. And yet, year after year, we get to hear of farmers falling into the depths of debts and more often than not unable to find theirRead More →

Shubh Shakti Yojana

People from the poorer sections of society often get perplexed at the thought of putting together enough money to host a wedding. While they barely make enough to sustain their day-to-day life, splurging a major chunk of one’s savings on a one-day event can flummox even those who do financiallyRead More →

Shala Darpan Portal

With the onset of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, the nation came to a standstill. And while the other facets of life could still have some scope of resuscitation, lost time in one’s academic year is hardly reparable. The lockdown exposed several gaps in the education system and how integratingRead More →