Odisha Nirman Kusum Yojana

Education is a prime resource these days and we are well aware of the power of education and the places it can take you. But as with all things in our nation, education is quite a privilege which not all are availing. Construction labourers, who barely scrape through days withRead More →

Odisha Free Smartphone Yojana

Staying connected, especially in trying times like these, has gotten increasingly important. With increasing cases all over the nation, and loved ones separated due to lockdown mandates and obstruction in interstate movement, reaching out to loved ones through cell phones has turned out to be the only mode at theRead More →

Sumangal Portal

With changing times, people’s adherence to rudimentary and traditional approaches to several aspects of life has begun to loosen up. Marriage has been one such traditional aspect that is experiencing change. People are now supportive of inter-caste marriages and the focus has now gotten to having two willing individuals hitched,Read More →

Odisha Labour Card List

Labour is the backbone of any economy. Without their constant help and tireless support, infrastructure would not be what it is. All around the world, labour is an essential part of any and every development. In order to have labourers valued in India, the Government of Odisha has issued theRead More →

Odisha Balaram Scheme

Farmers face a lot of financial issues simply because a good yield offers them a good income and a good yield primarily relies on good climatic conditions; which hasn’t been all that favourable lately.  Unfavourable climatic conditions affect a farmer’s yield, making it difficult to extract even their basic sustenanceRead More →