RTE Maharashtra

RTE is a fundamental right and its rightful implementation, therefore, becomes extremely important. To ensure that RTE reaches out to each and every child there is, the government of Maharashtra – quite like every other state government – issues a list mentioning the admission of the student for a certainRead More →

Awas Yojana Maharashtra

Housing has always been an issue in India. With property prices soaring exponentially, year after year, people with middle-class incomes are practically horrified at just the thought of falling into the procedure of buying a house. Those who fall below the poverty line and those in the labour force don’tRead More →

Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana

In times of global warming, governments all over the world have started looking into cleaner and greener sources of energy. The Indian Government alongside the Maharashtra state government has launched the Solar pump scheme named Mukhyamantri Saur Krushi Pump Yojana 2020. This is a scheme primarily designed to benefit farmersRead More →

Maharashtra Sanjay Gandhi Nirdhar Grant Yojana

Benefits and Eligibility: This scheme has been started specifically for senior citizens of the state. Many times senior citizens are not respected in many homes. Members of his family begin to understand him as a burden. That is why a senior citizen has to face financial and psychological problems. Understanding all these problems, theRead More →

Krishi Gurukul Yojana

Maharashtra has been on the frontlines for farmers committing suicides. For any state, it is the saddest thing to know that its farmers live unhappily. And while a lot of their unhappiness stems from various reasons like irregular rainfalls and corrupt middlemen, the biggest reason for farmers being unhappy isRead More →

Bal Thackeray Upgath Vima Yojana

Bal Thackeray undoubtedly is the biggest name in Maharashtra and the legacy that comes with his name still lives on. So when the State Government of Maharashtra decided to plan a scheme for accident victims, there was only one name that came up – The Legacy himself, Sir Bal Thackeray. Read More →