Karnataka Vidyagama Scheme

The Karnataka Vidyagama Scheme 2020 is an educational scheme aimed at facilitating education at Government and private schools all across Karnataka. This scheme has been meted out by the Government of Karnataka to manage the present crisis of the pandemic Covid 19 and striking the right balance to bring backRead More →

Sandhya Suraksha Pension Scheme

The general life path for most people is to work hard while young and enjoy the fruits of one’s labour when the sun sets on that youthful exuberance. And while most of us prepare for the second innings of our lives, there are some who get too engrossed in upliftingRead More →

Karnataka Free Laptop Scheme

Acknowledging one’s hard work and paying hard work with some reward encourages more people to outperform themselves. And this is the key to bringing out the best in people – incentivizing things. The Karnataka government, over the years, has grown cognizant of the incentive effect and has therefore linked theirRead More →


India is a country that is blessed with abundant sources of water. This works in our favour as we have developed our economy to be an agrarian one. Therefore, making provisions for irrigation through perennially flowing rivers seems to be a sure-fire formula for success.  There are expert geologists alsoRead More →