Rainfed Area Development Programme

Rainfall is crucial to a country’s economy, especially if a country’s economy is agrarian in nature i.e. it benefits from the revenue generated by agriculture. There are certain specific rain-fed areas that are special for the livelihood of millions of households across the nation.  In India, rain-fed forests constitute aroundRead More →

Chhattisgarh Kisan Nyay Yojana

Farmers rely on factors usually considered variable. This puts their financial situation on a fence, as they are never sure how much money they would be making. This uncertainty often leads them to miscalculate and eventually spiral down debts, more debts and finally push them over the edge, to downrightRead More →

Kisan Nyay Yojana

Farmers in India usually suffer great hardships, as their efforts are least rewarded. This could be attributed to heavy corruption across multiple levels and also the illiteracy of the farmers to fight for their rights effectively. This leads them to be exploited time and again leading to farmers plunging intoRead More →