Monodarpan Yojana

With the onset of the pandemic, schools all over the world shut down almost immediately. And while this move was primarily to protect the children from the onslaught of the Covid-19 virus, the lockdowns had its own share of negative impact on the psyche of students globally. Students, who wereRead More →

Karnataka Vidyagama Scheme

The Karnataka Vidyagama Scheme 2020 is an educational scheme aimed at facilitating education at Government and private schools all across Karnataka. This scheme has been meted out by the Government of Karnataka to manage the present crisis of the pandemic Covid 19 and striking the right balance to bring backRead More →

MOMA Scholarship

Education is a fundamental tool in helping people out of their predicaments and launching them into the heights of success and consequent well-being. And though education is said to be a mandate for all, there are people not so privileged in our country to avail the fruits education has toRead More →

Rajasthan Gargi Puraskar

Women’s rights have been a constant issue ever since we constituted ourselves as a republic government. With societal bias seeping into the constitution, women have had it tough since the very beginning. However, with changing times come the winds of change which bring along women’s rights and opportunities leading toRead More →

Haryana Umeed Portal

Growing up, we have all, at one point or another, looked for career guidance. There are endless options available these days and fixating where your inclinations lie can be hard to determine. Some help in that direction can be really helpful. For the same reason, the Government of Haryana hasRead More →

Odisha Nirman Kusum Yojana

Education is a prime resource these days and we are well aware of the power of education and the places it can take you. But as with all things in our nation, education is quite a privilege which not all are availing. Construction labourers, who barely scrape through days withRead More →

Sabooj Sathi Scheme

Ever since our Independence, governments have incessantly attempted to make education accessible to students. As a country, our priority has not changed quite a lot however, our areas of focus have. While initially, it was about creating the infrastructure for the propagation of education all over the country, now itRead More →