Labour Disability Assistance Scheme

With society becoming increasingly inclusive, there are more jobs that are reinventing themselves to be all-inclusive. For the longest time, people with disabilities were not even considered to get a job, thereby rendering them incapable of earning a livelihood for themselves. This disallowed them from sustaining themselves and effectively pushingRead More →

Muft Bhraman Suvidha

Labour is what drives a country’s progress. It, therefore, becomes essential to offer workers toiling in labour the benefits they rightfully deserve. In light of the benefits labourers deserve, the Haryana government has initiated a scheme for the overall welfare of the blue collared workers of the state – theRead More →

Shubh Shakti Yojana

People from the poorer sections of society often get perplexed at the thought of putting together enough money to host a wedding. While they barely make enough to sustain their day-to-day life, splurging a major chunk of one’s savings on a one-day event can flummox even those who do financiallyRead More →

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, workers from the unorganized sector lost their jobs, thereby losing means of earning a livelihood. With the effects of lockdowns soaring prices of goods, workers and their families found it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Acknowledging the situation workers from the unorganizedRead More →

Samarth Yojana

Ministry of Textiles – a department of the Central government – has launched the Samarth Scheme 2020 for training and employing workers in the textile sector. Far too often, labourers and workers miss out on job opportunities simply because they are not skilled enough. Based on their lack of skills,Read More →

Yogi Majdur Yojana

Trying times call for relief schemes for the vulnerable; they are the ones who get affected most severely with the consequences of something like a lockdown. Hence, in favor of those labourers and daily wage workers who are finding it really hard to go through days right now, the CMRead More →

Atal Kisan Mazdoor Canteen Yojana

With the pandemic setting in, bringing alongside it a subsequent and inevitable lockdown, workers and farmers all over the nation found themselves in quite a fix. With no place to stay, much less to figure a place to find meals, those from the poorer spectrum of the economic strata hadRead More →

Labour Registration

They say the economy ideally functions on two main cogwheels – thinkers and doers. And while the thinkers are few, who get paid exorbitantly high; the doers are many and they do not even get the basic rights of what they deserve. The government, over the years, has introduced innumerableRead More →