UP Ganna Parchi Calendar

The Uttar Pradesh Ganna Parchi Calendar initiative was launched by the Government of Uttar Pradesh in the year 2020. This initiative is an exceptionally empowering program designed to help the sugarcane farmers all across the state to get the right information and details on various issues related to sugarcane farming,Read More →

Kisan Rath App

Farmers, ever since the lockdown came upon us, have faced one of the worst fates. They used to suffer from the ill-effects of weather irregularities and issues beyond their control, but now this pandemic has posed a new set of worries for them. With restrictions on movement and transportation, theRead More →

Atal Kisan Mazdoor Canteen Yojana

With the pandemic setting in, bringing alongside it a subsequent and inevitable lockdown, workers and farmers all over the nation found themselves in quite a fix. With no place to stay, much less to figure a place to find meals, those from the poorer spectrum of the economic strata hadRead More →

HP Saur Sinchai Yojana

Solar is the newest trend in technology these days. From being miles ahead at attaining sustainable goals – which, quite frankly, is the need of the hour – it is also feasible and therefore an economically viable solution across infinite sectors. One such sector which massively benefits from the solarRead More →

Kisan Panjikaran

Farmers usually end up getting the worst end of the deal when it comes to sustaining themselves. As most of their livelihood depends on environmental factors, which at the moment, are unpredictable, it gets really hard for them to make it on a day to day basis.  To make itRead More →