Gram UJALA Scheme

The direct representative of development happens to be light. No doubt why enlightenment is the term used to denote the learned, or anything progressive for that matter. However, there are many regions all across the nation that still do not receive the necessary amounts of light, making the quality ofRead More →

Atmanirbhar Bharat Scheme

“This is the time to turn adversity into an opportunity” quoted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi while launching the Atmanirbhar Bharat Scheme, a self-empowerment scheme for those largely affected by the pandemic and its effects. What started off as a vision is now a scheme benefitting many across the nation. Read More →

Udan Scheme

Over the years, as businesses have expanded, Indians find themselves having to travel intercity more often to look after businesses and whatnots. And while roadways and railways are cheaper, they take up a long time, which is not feasible for entrepreneurs wanting to be at their destination at a designatedRead More →

Transgender ID Card

For the longest time, transgenders have faced the worst of times. They have been denied opportunities and called names, and they have had a substandard life to call their own. Over the years, however, with the turn of the century and increasing awareness of humanism, transgenders are beginning to findRead More →