Labour Kanyadan Yojana

Marriage is a milestone in any person’s life. In India, marriage holds a larger-than-life air, for which people go to lengths. For the longest time, families in India have discouraged the very birth of a girl child so as to avoid the expenses that come with “wedding the girl childRead More →

UP Divyang Shadi Yojana

In a progressive society, everyone has equal access to the pursuit of happiness. Bearing in mind the same notion, the Uttar Pradesh government has taken a progressive step towards offering those who are differently-abled an equal shot at life and everything that entails in it. The UP Divyang Shadi YojanaRead More →

UP Shadi Anudan Yojana

Economically weaker families tend to look at marriages as something of a burden and not as a union of souls in the spirit of matrimony. And their fears are not irrational, to say the least, because as we all are aware, marriages are quite expensive and what are weddings ifRead More →

Sumangal Portal

With changing times, people’s adherence to rudimentary and traditional approaches to several aspects of life has begun to loosen up. Marriage has been one such traditional aspect that is experiencing change. People are now supportive of inter-caste marriages and the focus has now gotten to having two willing individuals hitched,Read More →

Shadi Anudan Yojana

Marriages, without a hint of doubt, are a merry affair. A celebration of union, a celebration of love. But this celebration costs a lot of money and often leads to an unpleasant feeling once the bank balance drops below comfortable levels. Quite often, traditional Indian families despise a girl childRead More →

Marriage Assistance Scheme

These days, with the economy being tight, luxuries are a big deal for the common populace. These luxuries sadly include wedding receptions too. Something every individual dream of, while growing up – of having a lavish wedding reception party – gets shattered the moment reality creeps in.  To aid youngRead More →