Healthcare, over the last year, has proven to be of utmost importance. In Odisha, not all people have the privilege of affording top-notch healthcare facilities. This adversely affects the health of the mother and the child. To benefit women in Odisha and to take care of their children, the OdishaRead More →

Sneha Sparsha Scheme

Lately, healthcare has grown to be an industry of utmost importance. And when healthcare schemes are being discussed, the health of one of the most vulnerable groups – that of children – cannot be ruled out. Children are most susceptible to healthcare concerns, and if timely intervention is not offered,Read More →

Bal Hriday Suraksha

Healthcare awareness, over the years, has not been the priority. And with the onset of the pandemic, governments all over the world got their fair share of awakening from a slumber. However, there are some state governments in India that had long foreseen the need for better healthcare facilities andRead More →

Haryana Mukhyamantri Doodh Uphar Yojana

Nourishment among pregnant women is of vital importance, as their health impacts the health of the child. A healthy mother births a healthy child, and looking after the mother considerably reduces the chances of child mortality. In such matters, healthcare and nourishment become crucial, and therefore, the Government of HaryanaRead More →