Karnataka Free Laptop Scheme

Acknowledging one’s hard work and paying hard work with some reward encourages more people to outperform themselves. And this is the key to bringing out the best in people – incentivizing things. The Karnataka government, over the years, has grown cognizant of the incentive effect and has therefore linked theirRead More →

Andhra Pradesh Free Laptop Scheme

The free laptop scheme was launched by the State Government Of Andhra Pradesh in the year 2020. Technology has become a necessity in this age of digitalization of education. Online courses to skill learning videos have become an essential part of a course curriculum. It is important to equip theRead More →


Digitization in the times of a pandemic has proven to be a lifesaver. Industries that moved onto digitization as a mode of executing business strategies have proliferated in times of a lockdown. The same goes for students, who have faced a seamless educational experience with the help of technology.  KeralaRead More →