Manav Sampada Portal

Over the last decade, with rising in industrialization in India and the work culture brimming to newer heights, there has been a frameshift of attention towards pressing matters like employee management. It has come to the government’s attention that some workplaces sometimes implement inhumane working conditions and do not offerRead More →

Mukhyamantri Alpsankhyak Rojgar Rin Yojana

The year 2020 has been a massive frameshift in terms of governmental policies and the way certain schemes have been implemented in the country. With the onset of the Covid pandemic and millions of people losing their jobs, while mandatory lockdowns being imposed, offering help to the poor got allRead More →

Employment Guidance and Promotion Centres

Coronavirus has indeed brought upon us some unprecedented times. Nobody was prepared for the onset of a pandemic this worse. And while the world still reels from the effects of the initial lockdowns, the loom persists in the absence of a clear vaccination against the disease. Millions worldwide have lostRead More →

NREGA Job Card List

Launched by the Ministry of Rural Development, the Government of India and Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005, the NREGA job card has been an effective tool for workers all over the nation. These job cards are provided to poor families in this scheme which is launched byRead More →

Saath Nischay Yojana

As the Bihar elections inch closer, rallies are conducted in full swing. This is also the prime time for new schemes to be launched or older schemes to be redone to the benefit of the people. CM Nitish Kumar has released, in the wake of the upcoming elections, the SaatRead More →