Covid Vaccine

With talks of the Covid-19 vaccine catching wind and spreading like wildfire, everyone wishes to be first in line at getting vaccinated against a disease that entrapped much of 2020. The Union Health Minister said that India could well have its answer to the vaccine available through a vaccination driveRead More →

Jan Andolan.jpg

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, launched the Jan Andolan campaign against Covid-19, on the 8th of October 2020. He announced the same through a tweet. Jan Andolan or People’s Movement is basically a war cry on the social ills that have crept into the society due to Covid-19. Not only hasRead More →


Jharkhand is one of the worst-hit states of India. Things become increasingly more difficult when a major chunk of the state fall below the poverty line. They barely manage to afford basic amenities, including healthcare. This makes it a herculean task for any government to aid the state on theRead More →