DBT Agriculture

In a world that is constantly changing, the effects of global warming are far-reaching. And the profession that takes the worse hit even with the slightest change in climate is those of farmers. They are the ones who have to live at the mercy of the weather, just to bringRead More →

RTPS Bihar

Bihar has always faced logistical issues when it comes to the issuance of legal certificates and documents. To ease out the process considerably, the Bihar government resorted to digitize the whole process. Now residents of Bihar can apply online for caste, resident, income, and various other certificates online. They canRead More →

Bihar Corona Sahataya

The pandemic has hit the world pretty hard, and some of the most affected places happen to be those whose maximum population falls under the poverty bracket. One such place in India happens to be Bihar. To mitigate the spread and effects of the pandemic on Bihar, the government ofRead More →