Rajasthan SSO

Rajasthan SSO And All You Need To Know About It

Digitization is the need of the hour and the Rajasthan government seems to be catching on with it at breakneck speed. In order to bring about digitization in the Desert State, the Government of Rajasthan has started the Rajasthan SSO – The Rajasthan Single Sign-On, so that the residents of Rajasthan can now enjoy the benefits of various state government schemes at one place. 

Benefits of the Rajasthan SSO 

Why should you, if a resident of Rajasthan, get onto this portal? Here’s why: 

  1. Remembering various passwords can often get cumbersome. With the introduction of the Rajasthan SSO, residents of the state can now take advantage of various schemes all under one roof – under one username and password. 
  2. The main aim of this scheme is to make digitization this incredibly user-friendly portal.
  3. With this scheme, the residents of Rajasthan will be able to benefit from various governmental schemes using the same user ID and password
  4. Not only will this save residents time and efforts but it also makes it very easy to apply to various government based jobs in the state. 

Necessary Documents:

To benefit from the Rajasthan Government’s SSO Rajasthan, you would need the following: 

  1. Bhamashah ID
  2. Aadhar ID
  3. Facebook ID
  4. Google ID

All of the above need to be functional. 

Parting thoughts

India is getting on to the digital bandwagon and if you are a resident of Rajasthan, the Rajasthan SSO will really sort out your governmental benefits in the long run. Get on the Website https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/register and go as per the guidelines provided. 

Digitization never got easier. 

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