Padhai Tunhar Dwar

Padhai Tunhar Dwar Registration for Online Study

The pandemic has halted the propagation of education massively and governments far and wide are trying to make education equally accessible to all. In an attempt to make sure no child misses out on education, the Chhattisgarh government launched the Padhai Tunhar Dwar portal, which is primarily aimed at ensuring zero loss of education of the student.

Objective of the Padhai Tunhar Dwar

The main objective of the scheme is to ensure that no child misses out on learning due to the government mandate which necessitates people to stay at home. The Padhai Tunhar Dwar which means “Education at your Door” is a portal to offer facilities like e-classroom, study material, educational games and various forms of video lessons to engage students at all times.

How to register to Padhai Tunhar Dwar?

If you are a student or a teacher in Chhattisgarh, here is how you can log in and register for the scheme.

  1. Visit the official website of the Padhai Tunhar Dwar scheme.
  2. You will then see a Student/Teacher registration tab on the screen. You can click on either of those, based on your academic role.
  3. Fill the registration form and enter necessary details like mobile number, email ID, and address
  4. Once you have filled in all the details, make sure all your details are correct, and then click on the “Submit” button.

Salient features of the Padhai Tunhar Dwar scheme

  1. The portal is a free website and will offer students with free lectures and textbooks and other resources to ensure they do not miss out on learning
  2. This website is a public domain and has been published so that it can be accessed free of cost.
  3. Students will be able to read books in several formats and those books can be downloaded as well.
  4. There are audio and video lessons as well, to cater to learners with various preferences and needs.
  5. Teachers will also get to be connected to their students from the safer confines of their homes through video conferencing.
  6. Students will be getting online homework as well, which they will have to complete in their books, then take a photo and upload it for the teacher to check.

Through this portal, millions of students will get to benefit from it, for no charge whatsoever. This scheme will act as the bridge caused due to missing out on actual, physical schooling.

In conclusion

Students and teachers have found it increasingly difficult to attain and dispense information. Students have been missing out on important academic activities which would have contributed to their holistic development.

However, with the Padhai Tunhar Dwar scheme, students all over Chhattisgarh have an avenue to receive formal education and bridge the gap caused by the pandemic. Regular knowledge, practice, and dedication on their part while also taking full advantage of the avenues offered will ensure a more durable generation of citizens in the future; unhinged even by the after-effects of a worldwide pandemic.

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