Odisha Nirman Kusum Yojana

Education is a prime resource these days and we are well aware of the power of education and the places it can take you. But as with all things in our nation, education is quite a privilege which not all are availing. Construction labourers, who barely scrape through days with minimum wages, just managing to get food on the table every day is a great feat for them. For them, having their children go to school is a dream they dare not dream.

The Odisha government, through the Odisha Nirman Kusum Yojana, aims to change that very thought in the minds of construction workers – with the implementation of the scheme, it aims to break the vicious cycle of poverty in Odisha.

What is the Odisha Nirman Kusum Yojana about?

The Odisha government, through the scheme, aims to offer an opportunity to poor and oppressed workers in the state to earn a dignified living for themselves. The scheme offers a chance to the children of construction workers in the state to pursue ITI education and diplomas in state run technical institutions. The scheme also offers them financial assistance to opt for those courses; no holds barred.

What does the scheme offer?

The Odisha Nirmal Kusum yojana promises to offer ₹23,600 to the children of construction workers who are pursuing ITI education and the children of State-run Technical institutions will get ₹26,300.

This will help students gain a sound educational degree, which will help increase their family’s annual income and they would no longer have to work under oppressive construction employers who make people work under inhuman circumstances sometimes. Through the implementation of this scheme, the Odisha government aims to break the poverty cycle for a lot of people out there

The scheme is also applicable to girl children of construction workers who will get a financial aid of 20% at each stage of education.

Other benefits offered by the scheme

The other important thing under the benefits offered by the Odisha Nirmal Kusum Yojana is the ex-gratia amount for registered construction workers. In case of natural death, the compensation amount has now been raised to ₹2 lakhs, from it being ₹1 lakh earlier.

In case the construction worker passes away due to unnatural reasons, the compensation amount has been raised from ₹2 lakhs to ₹4 lakhs. There are several other benefits and nuances offered by the scheme, which can be read up on the official site. Click here to know more about the scheme through the official website.

Summing it up

When you look at it overall, those toiling away through labour are literally underpaid for the work they do. Labour oppression and poverty diminishes their quality of life and the dignity of work. With the Odisha Nirman Kusum yojana, labourers now have a chance to get through the vicious cycle, once and for all. With education comes power, and with power comes a chance to enhance your life – of yourself and even of those around. The Odisha Kusum Nirman scheme is a ray of hope in the lives of many construction labourers all across the state.

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