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Pregnancy is a precarious time in the life of a woman, where utmost care needs to be offered and total attention is needed towards the needs of the mother and the child. While women from affluent families can afford to do so without having to break a sweat, it is usually the mothers from the rural areas who end up suffering during this delicate time.

Considering the condition women from the poorer sects of the society we’re in, especially during the pregnancy and lactation phase, the Odisha government has launched the Odisha Mamata Scheme – a welfare scheme for pregnant women and lactating mothers in the state.

About the Odisha Mamata scheme

In order to reach out to pregnant and lactating women in Odisha and to lessen the constant issue of maternal and infant undernutrition, the Odisha government launched a state-wise scheme.

The state government will offer financial assistance to women from poorer sects of the state and through this scheme, aim to promote healthy prenatal practices and encourage women to seek better nutrition.

Objectives of the Odisha Mamata Scheme

The main objective of the Odisha Mamata scheme is mentioned herewith:

  • To provide partial compensation for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers so that they can get ample amounts of recommended rest during pregnancy and after childbirth.
  • The scheme also aims at increasing utilization of maternal and child health services, especially prenatal care, postpartum care and immunization of the mother and child.
  • The scheme will also actively work towards improving the practices the child and mother follow, especially exclusive breastfeeding and complementary infant feeding.

How to login to the e-Mamata application on the official portal?

If you are interested in login into the application and avail the benefits offered by the app, here is how you can log in.

Those interested can login to the Odisha e-Mamata application at

The steps involve:

  • Firstly, the interested applicant can visit the official website
  • The respective page will open up on the screen
  • The Mamata app login page on the website will be displayed on the screen.
  • The applicant has to enter a username, password and the subsequent captcha code that follows.
  • Then, the applicant has to click on the “Sign in” button to login to the e-Mamata

In Conclusion

On thorough verification of the applicant on the basis of the application form and online form entry, the Odisha government will offer financial assistance and immunization care for both – the mother and the child. With this initiative in place, mothers in Odisha can now rest assured that their needs can be met and that the state government does prioritise their and their child’s health.

Women go through a tough time before and after childbirth, and such assistance goes a long way in offering mental well-being for the mother and the entire family of which she is a part.

Pregnancy can be a difficult phase, but with assistance and help, it definitely does get better.

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