Odisha Madhu Babu Pension Yojana

Odisha Madhu Babu Pension Yojana 2020-2021 Apply Online for Transgenders / Widow / Old Age / Disabled

Time and tide wait for no one and that is an adage as old as proverbs go. However, having avenues for financial assistance at the ripe age of life is assuring to all. And while many, in their younger days, manage to save up for retirement while taking care of several expenses, all are not as privileged as that. The Odisha government, in acknowledgment of such disparity, has launched a new online scheme titled the Odisha Madhu Babu Pension yojana – which is actually a merger between two older schemes.

Through this revised scheme, the government intends to even include the transgender community under the Madhu Babu Pension Yojana whose main aim is to offer financial assistance to the destitute elderly, the differently-abled, and the widows in the state of Odisha.

Application for the Madhu Babu Pension yojana

If you, or someone you know, fits the bill to be a beneficiary for the scheme, here is how one can go about the registration procedure for the scheme:

  • On the homepage, there will be an option “Scheme/Services”. The applicant would have to click on this and under this link, there will be another option titled “Beneficiary services” as shown in the section herewith
  • The applicant is expected to click here and then there will be an “Application for beneficiary” page that will open up as shown here
  • The applicant has to choose the name of the scheme as “Madhu Babu Pension yojana” and click on the proceed button. Once done, the Madhu Babu scheme page will open up on the screen, which appears as follows:

The applicant needs to enter the information correctly and upload the necessary documents needed to verify the information provided in the form. Once done, the applicant is generally advised to cross-check the information provided in the form and then hit the “Submit” button to complete the Madhu Babu Pension yojana application process.

What happens to be the eligibility criteria for the Odisha MBPY scheme?

A person will be deemed eligible for the benefits of the scheme only if he/she is:

  1. 60 years of age and above
  2. Is a widow (irrespective of age)
  3. Is a leprosy patient with evident signs of deformity
  4. Is a person of any age unable to do normal work due to his/her deformity or disability like being blind, orthopedically handicapped, or challenged mentally like with cerebral palsy
  5. A widow of an AIDS patient
  6. Is an AIDS patient identified by the State / District AIDS control society
  7. Is a woman fighting for a divorce in a court
  8. Is a transgender
  9. Has a family income from all sources not exceeding more than ₹24,000/- per annum. In the case of transgenders, annual income must not exceed more than ₹40,000 per annum
  10. Is a permanent resident or a domicile of Odisha.

Wrapping it up

With this scheme in place, the Odisha government aims to reach out to the masses and offer financial assistance to all those who need it, especially in these trying times.

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