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The Odisha government, in the last couple of months, has been prioritising child healthcare with utmost gusto. The state government has launched a range of schemes for the welfare of new mothers and newborn babies, and one such scheme happens to be the Odisha e-Kalika scheme – a scheme which enables the state government to monitor, in real-time, the nursery performance and to track infrastructure in which newborns are kept and keep an eye on the health and nutrition of the child.

The scheme falls under the 5T initiative of the Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) and Mission Shakti.

About the Odisha e-Kalika scheme

With parents needing to report to work, especially those who work on daily wages, it becomes really difficult for such parents to look after the child. They feel torn between their duties as a worker and the emotional and nutritional needs of the child.

To solve this issue for workers, the Odisha government intends to mainstream Creches so as to eventually work towards curbing nutrition in Odisha, and this scheme comes in close collaboration between the Government of Odisha and Public Health Resource Society (PHRS) and the Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives (APPI).

The e-Kalika is actually a web-based system that is a real-time representation of youngsters and provides necessary evidence and data which can be used for planning and evaluating an outcome-driven program, monitoring activity and works towards the overall implementation of the scheme’s objectives.

How to login to the Odisha e-Kalika application?

The Odisha government has initiated the e-Kalika application to manage nurseries for children under the age of three. Interested applicants can now access information about the scheme on the app, or the website which can be accessed by clicking here.

In order to login to the application, here is what one must do:

  • On the homepage of the Official Odisha e-Kalika app, the login feature now stands to be functional
  • All interested persons can now enter their username here and enter the password
  • Finally, the applicant would have to click on the “Sign in” button
  • The child’s data including details like “Upload by” and “upload to” and description will be available on the e-Kalika app. 

In conclusion

With this scheme in effect, nursery infrastructure will be looked at, and it will be tended to, so as to offer the best conditions for newborns to be at. Parents usually are concerned about leaving their children at daycare units, where they are unsure of how their children are looked after.

The Odisha government has taken up the fundamental aspect of child care in the state. Child nutrition and welfare was always an issue in the state, however, with this scheme in the picture, parents now rest assured, knowing that their children are looked after well enough.

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