Neelamber Pitamber Jal Samriddhi Yojana

While we face a crisis, we must still not lose sight of the greater threat – climate change. One of the major issues for people in the rural areas of India happens to be the lack of safe drinking water because these regions fall in the arid zones where the rainfall is scarce. Conservation of water becomes really difficult when there is just less water to work with.

What is the scheme about?

The Neelambar Pitambar Jal Sammridhi Yojana is a water conservation scheme launched by the Chief Minister of Jharkhand, Hemant Soren. This scheme primarily aims to help those struck by the financial collateral damage due to the lockdown. These schemes would also contribute towards reviving the national economy, which, at the moment, seems to be hitting the bottom.

What does this scheme encompass?

The Jharkhand Neelambar Pitambar Jal Samriddhi Yojana is aimed at water conservation, recharging of groundwater, and working towards the creation of agro water storage units that help farmers to have seamless farming experience.

All districts in Jharkhand that face perennial water problems will have this scheme implemented especially Palamu, which will benefit the most from this scheme.

In conclusion

Water conservation not only provides better agricultural practice to arid areas, but it also works towards the revival of greenery on those lands. For the longest time, Jharkhand has faced issues with irregular rains and that has massively impacted the livelihood of those involved in Agricultural practices.

With this scheme in place, brighter days stand ahead for the residents of Jharkhand.

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