National Viral Hepatitis Surveillance Programme

Fighting viral diseases in the 21st century may not seem that big a deal. After all, we have the latest equipment and machinery that ensures a systematic crackdown of every virus there is. 

However, in the light of the recent outbreak of a certain coronavirus, the world stands shell-shocked at how we still don’t have all the answers to nature’s most devastating pathogens. 

The government of India acknowledges the need to have a nodal organization that is actively at the heart of research and development of cures for viral diseases – heard and unheard of. Hepatitis consumes a lot of lives all throughout the year, and the Government thought it is high time some action is taken against it. 

Objectives of the National Viral Hepatitis Surveillance Programme

  1. To establish laboratories across the nation that venture further into research and development regarding viral hepatitis. 
  2. Developing testing and surveillance guidelines across the nation so that the dissemination of medical solutions is a more effortless process. 
  3. Training manpower or health care providers across the nation 
  4. Establishing a wide network of laboratories across the nation for testing hepatitis markers 
  5. Establishing baseline data to see the nationwide impact of hepatitis. 

In conclusion

The battle with pathogens that endanger the lives of many is an everlasting one. There are dangers out there, lurking in the dark that we still stand unaware of. However, with consistent efforts, we can win. Together. 

After all, aren’t we the race that outlived the plague and smallpox?

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