National Common Mobility Card (NCMC)

National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) Online Registration 2021 – One Nation One Mobility Card

The National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) is an innovative and ambitious project of the Government of India. It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the year 2021. This card was planned as an initiative to digitize the country to linked transport systems and online payments.

The aim of the NCMC to provide one platform to users for digital payment for the purposes of transportation and other related activities. It can also be used for traveling through the Delhi Airport Express line. The NCMC is linked with almost all the nationalized banks to facilitate digital payment.

Additionally, with the help of one National Common Mobility Card, users would be able to book for trains, buses, metro railway all across the country. Payment for parking area, toll tax as well as retail shop expenses can also be made from the National Common Mobility Card. The card also can be used in an Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC). Hence it is another initiative to facilitate the Digital India program.

Moreover, the National Common Mobility Card can be used as a debit or credit card while shopping at retail stores. Also, the National Common Mobility Card helps to reduce the issues of queuing up for booking tickets for trains, buses, and metro.

This makes the process for the user hassle-free and saves a lot of time as well. It also helps them by reducing the burden of carrying multiple cards and providing one card for the same. However, the government is working on the infrastructure to put AFC gates railway stations and metro stations as well.

Registration of National Common Mobility Card

  1. The government has already linked at least 25 banks with the National Common Mobility Card for facilitating online payment for transportation through one platform such as the NCMC. An individual who is interested in procuring the NCMC has to visit any of the 25 linked banks for the purpose.
  2. An application form for getting NCMC can be taken from one of the counters at the bank. The information which is required needs to be filled in the individual. Also, one needs to submit all the necessary documents mentioned in the form for approval along with the application form. Then again, the application process is completed with the submission of the application form.
  3. The eligibility criterion for the application of the National Common Mobility Card is that one has to be a resident of the country of India and the individual should have a personal bank account at any bank in the country.
  4. Moreover, the documents that are required to apply for the National Common Mobility Card are identification proof in the form of Aadhar Card, Ration card proof of identification residence certificate. Moreover, phone number, email id is also necessary details required to fill in the application form. Then, again passport size photo is also mandatory for the successful completion of the application procedure.

Therefore, it is quite evident that the National Common Mobility Card will facilitate easy transportation systems in the country with the hope of placing AFC gates at all stations in less time and making the NCMC a successful venture of the Government of India.

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