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Difficult times call for innovative solutions. While the pandemic wreaks havoc, governments all over the world have been finding ways to deal with the situation. With millions losing jobs, people are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet, as there is practically no income coming in.

And while the upper and middle-class people are managing the crisis fairly well, those below the poverty line are bearing the full brunt of the crisis at hand.

Among such attempts is the interesting proposition by the National Food Security Act with the Madhya Pradesh Government, which is aiming to provide food grains at really affordable prices to those who cannot possibly afford it in the current circumstances.

M-Ration Mitra

M Ration Mitra is a smartphone application that allows people to register for Ration cards through mobile phones, which essentially fast tracks the whole process exponentially. You can download it here. This is primarily done to make sure that those below the Poverty Line do not have to wait for the procedures before getting access to food grains.

Through the M-Ration Mitra application, consumers can avail food grains at ration shops and can also receive notification regarding the status of the POS machine in ration shops. They can even receive the address of the nearest ration shops and the benefits of the M-Ration card can be availed by anyone in the family.

The M-Ration Mitra will also serve as a consumer complaint forum, which will allow consumers to complain about the closure of shops, short-weighing, or non-distribution of certain food items.

Implementation of the scheme

Though the app has been launched, many of those below the poverty line will find it difficult to navigate through the app and its features. In order to acquaint the masses with the processes of the app, roughly about 1,284 teams have been formed which are entrusted with the sole responsibility of training people to use the M Ration Mitra app.

This trained team will leave no stone unturned and go house to house checking documents like Aadhaar card, caste certificate, labor card, etc.

A total of 2 lakh 48 thousand families are known to benefit from the scheme.

District Food Officer, Swati Jain has informed that the work of online information is being done in the app, so that it gets all the more convenient for people to use the app.

In conclusion

Getting information about the M Ration Mitra is extremely easy. All you would need to do is go the Playstore application on your smartphone and type “M Ration Mitra”.

Downloading the app should give you all the information you need about your nearest ration center. Lately, the government has announced really subsidized rates on wheat and rice and sugar. With people being on a financial crunch due to services halted, those under the poverty line have no food to eat and no place to stay. These are dire times, and the government, therefore, has accurately taken steps to come to the rescue of those who need it.

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