Mission Indradhanush

According to a report from the University of Michigan, two-thirds of children in India do not receive timely vaccinations which prolong their susceptibility to diseases and contribute to untimely deaths among infants. 

This is a matter of growing concern as more children fall prey to diseases they just are not equipped to fight. 

In order to tackle this problem, the Government of India initiated the Mission Indradhanush – an Immunization program, which was launched in December 2014. 

Prime Objective of Mission Indradhanush: 

The ultimate goal of the Mission is to make sure that full immunization is achieved for children up to two years of age and pregnant women with the help of all available vaccines. 

In order to pinpoint areas that need the most attention, the Government has identified 201 high-focus districts across 28 states in the country which are known to have the highest number of Partially Immunized and unimmunized infants. 

Mission in Mind:

The main mission is to strengthen the program and achieve absolute immunization across the country for all children and pregnant women at breakneck speeds. 

Progress of the Mission:

Since its launch, the Mission has been able to achieve quite some milestones. Prior to the mission, the immunization coverage across the nation was just 1% per year. This has increased to 6.7% per year through the implementation of just the first two phases of Mission Indradhanush. 

Four phases of the Mission have been conducted up until August 2017 and over 2.53 crore children and 58 lakh pregnant women have been vaccinated. 

In conclusion

Vaccination ensures that the future generations of the country are healthy and fit. A fitter generation definitely would contribute to the nation’s progress in the years to come. 

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