Mee Bhoomi

There is a lot of documentation that owning a land brings about. And it would be difficult to keep a track of all the documents, as we all know the nature of physical documentation; they flee our sights and tend to get lost. You cannot possibly afford to lose out on documents of vital importance. To make matters simpler, the Government of Andhra Pradesh launched a website where the land-owner can now see a comprehensive view of all documents pertaining to her/his land.

About the app

The Mee Bhoomi app has been designed in such a way that people can easily review their land records without any confusion. It has been created with thorough inputs from concerned authorities. It is now possible for land-owners to sit in the comfort of their houses and fetch whatever document they are looking out for with just a few clicks.

Official website:

In case you wish to link your Aadhar card with the land, here’s how you do it

Linking Aadhar with Land

  • You have to visit the official website as stated above
  • Choose your preferred search type: either through account number or Aadhar number
  • Select the following details:
  1. District
  2. Zone
  3. Village
  • Once you fill in those details, you have to enter the captcha code generated
  • Click on submit

In conclusion

Through these easy steps, you can now procure your property information and necessary documents without hassle. Gone are those days when you had to worry about storing your documents safely. With this website, all your documents sit safely under one roof, just a click away for you.

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