Marriage Assistance Scheme

These days, with the economy being tight, luxuries are a big deal for the common populace. These luxuries sadly include wedding receptions too. Something every individual dream of, while growing up – of having a lavish wedding reception party – gets shattered the moment reality creeps in. 

To aid young individuals from all across the country get married the way cultures expect them to, the government of Tamil Nadu initiated various marriage assistance schemes. 

This scheme primarily is to help underprivileged individuals like daughters of poor parents or orphan girls and even widows who intend to remarry. 

  1. Scheme 1: The educational qualification of the bride, as per this scheme, should be at least 10th pass and in case of ST, the bride should have at least 5th pass certification. Financial assistance provided in this is ₹25,000/-
  2. Scheme 2: Educational requirement in this scheme is that the individuals should be degree holders from regular colleges. Cash assistance in this scheme is ₹50,000/-
  3. EVR Maniammaiyar Ninaivu Marriage Assistance Scheme for Daughters of Poor Widows: This scheme is for families whose annual income is less than ₹72,000/-
  4. Annai Theresa Ninaivu Marriage assistance scheme for orphan girls: There are no income limitations to avail the benefits of this scheme. 
  5. Dr. Dharmambal Ammaiyar Ninaivu Widow Remarriage assistance scheme: under this scheme, financial assistance of ₹15000 is given through ECS and another ₹10,000/- as National Savings Certificate along with 4 grams of 22-carat gold coin. 

In conclusion

Marriage may be a daunting experience for those who cannot afford it, but with the state government intervening in the same, marriage does seem possible for those who fall under the poverty line too. 

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