Marketing Assistance Scheme

Marketing Assistance Scheme has been launched by the Ministry of micro, small, and medium enterprises (Ministry of MSMEs).


Objectives of Marketing Assistance Scheme evolve to include the following:

  1. Enhancing marketing capabilities and competitions in MSMEs
  2. Updating MSMEs regarding prevalent market conditions and their subsequent impacts
  3. Facilitating the formation of consortia of MSMEs for proficient marketing of their products
  4. Providing a platform for MSMEs for interacting with large institutional buyers
  5. Nurturing marketing skills of owners/entrepreneurs of MSMEs

The following activities are covered under the scheme:

  1. Organizing exhibitions in foreign countries and participating in global trade fairs/exhibitions
  2. Co-sponsoring exhibitions conducted by other organizations/institutions/industry associates
  3. Conducting buyer-seller meets, marketing campaigns, and promotional activities


For participating in global trade affairs/exhibitions, the maximum net budget is structured to be Rs. 30 lac per event and Rs. 40 lac for Latin American countries.

For conducting national/domestic exhibitions/trade fairs, the budget limit varies according to space rental, theme pavilion, marketing, and advertising needs, printing material, transportation, etc. However, the maximum budget is restricted to Rs. 45 lac.

Moreover, financial assistance of 25%–95% would be provided to entrepreneurs on the basis of the size and category of the enterprise.


MSMEs, Industry Associations, and organizations that are related to MSME are all eligible to apply for this scheme.

Application process

Applications requesting assistance under the Marketing Assistance Scheme should include required details and justification for asking the assistance. These applications should be submitted to the nearest offices, particularly, Branch Managers, of the National Small Industries Corporation.

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