Mahasamruddhi Mahila Sashaktikaran

Mahasamruddhi Mahila Sashaktikaran Scheme 2021 for Women Empowerment in Maharashtra

In the wake of women’s day celebrations, the Maharashtra government has planned to make the occasion all the more memorable – by launching a scheme that promises to work towards women’s empowerment. The Mahasamruddhi scheme for 2021 is going to be a major step towards empowering women in rural parts of one of the largest states of the country.

The state government intends to run this scheme on the 8th of March, 2021.

About the Mahasamruddhi Mahila Sashaktikaran Scheme 2021

In order to empower women in rural Maharashtra, the state government has announced the Mahasamruddhi scheme which will work towards offering rural women a chance to harness their confidence and put it to use to gain financial independence. The state government will promote the listing of names of wives alongside their husbands on the 7/12 extract.

The Saat Baara Utara in Maharashtra basically is an agricultural land record of an individual or family which is registered with the government’s revenue department.

The inclusion of wives names on house property documents will also be an agenda pushed forth by the Mahasamruddhi Mahila Sashaktikaran scheme 2021.

Salient features of the scheme

Here are some of the important features of the scheme:

  1. Under the Mahasamruddhi scheme, self-help groups will organise exhibitions to display rural women’s work and encourage them towards greater participation across several fields.
  2. Members of women cells at the village level and the state rural livelihood mission will also be involved.
  3. The Mahasamriddhi Mahila scheme will commence on International Women’s day.
  4. The State government will also provide women SHGs with avenues to sustainable markets and effective branding tools so as to help women promote their products better and reach out to better markets out there.
  5. Food products produced by the SHGs will be linked to robust market chains which also includes government offices and canteens, malls and even private outlets so that women are enabled to earn higher revenue through their efforts, which will not only help their business but also their personal finances enough to inch towards financial freedom.
  6. The Mahasamruddhi scheme will also conduct Skill development workshops.
  7. There will also be special women marts set up and the beneficiaries will be provided with financial support, which also includes low-interest loans.
  8. The Scheme will also offer free legal service to women so as to be able to start off with the right advice and be protected against corruption and exploitation of any sort.

Summing it up

Women have, for the longest time, stayed in the shadows, suppressing skills which the world needed. Today, with feminism being the need of the hour, state governments all across the nation realise the importance of women empowerment and how it is all the more essential in the 21st century.

With schemes like this, women now have a chance to outshine and work towards personal finances, which empowers them enough to make their own decisions, run their own businesses, and be more than a liability to their families; they get to be equal contributors to the state’s and nation’s overall success.

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