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LPG Gas Cylinder New Prices October 2020 – 14.2 Kg / 19 Kg Non-Subsidy Rates

LPG adds up to one of the most basic human needs – food. Without sufficient LPG supply, people will not be able to cook their meals well and any disturbance with LPGs leads to a whole lot of chaos among the masses. The similar chaos ensues when LPG prices soar up. Skyrocketing prices of goods already break the spine of the poor. When rising LPG prices get added on the package, the people are left worried and tensed.

To ease the minds of those who are working hard to make ends meet in the middle of a pandemic, the government introduced some really helpful provisions.

The Government of India is currently providing a high subsidy on LPG gas cylinders. The subsidy amount varies from month to month and is dependent on the changes in the average international benchmark LPG prices added with foreign exchange rates.

What is LPG?

LPG basically stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and basically contains butane and propane. It is mainly used for cooking food and heating and is also used to power vehicles in some cases.

LPG is essentially a fossil gas and is therefore made from gas wells and oil. Since it is not present in abundance, there is a definitive regulation around it at all times.

List of subsidized-LPG rates in the four metros in India

CityPrice in Rupees per 14.2 kg Cylinders
 Price with effect from Oct 1SeptemberAugust

Price of 19kg LPG cylinders are as follows:

CityEarlier priceCurrent price

Top Gas connection providers in India

If you are getting yourself a new gas connection and are wondering about which gas provider should you choose, here are some suggestions you could go forthwith.

  1. HP Gas: Spearheaded by the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, HP gas provides gas connections to all its customers pan India. If you are an HP gas connection user and are moving to a new place, they have the facility to transfer your gas connection from one place to another, anywhere in India.
  2. Indane Gas: Indane Gas is run by the Indian Oil Corporation and offers gas connections all over the country. You can even apply for a new gas connection with Indane gas online through the official website of the Indane gas.
  3. Bharat Gas: Bharat Petroleum Gas runs the Bharat Gas and provides domestic LPG services. With easy tele-booking facilities and pre-paid services, Bharat petroleum offers services that make availing of LPG gases an easy affair.

In summary

LPG gases are offered at subsidized rates on only a limited number across the year. 12 cylinders per household is the threshold of offering subsidized cylinders. If someone exceeds that, then the homeowner would have to pay the full price, sans-subsidy to avail of the LPG service.

With revised subsidized rates on the 14kg cylinders, households across major metro cities can now breathe easy, as their cooking woes no longer haunt them.

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