Labour Registration

They say the economy ideally functions on two main cogwheels – thinkers and doers. And while the thinkers are few, who get paid exorbitantly high; the doers are many and they do not even get the basic rights of what they deserve.

The government, over the years, has introduced innumerable schemes for the welfare of the labourers; those marginalized and those from rural sects of the society, who have toiled their brows day in and out for very basic income and meagre sustenance.

Labour registration, therefore, is a beacon of hope to labourers who have constantly, for generations even, been exploited. Year after year, the labourers keep getting poorer and poorer as they are stuck in a financial loop of debt and meagre income.

What does the Labour Registration department aim to accomplish?

  1. To ensure that there are harmonious relations harboured at industrial sites,
  2. There is a safe environment for workers to work
  3. That labour laws are implemented correctly

The department also aims to accomplish the following

  1. To carry out online registration of labourers, and licensing them, and submitting their returns under the labour laws to promote investments
  2. To reform labour laws from time to time and to simplify them

Benefits offers by the Labour Registration department

  1. Death benefits: the board would sanction an amount of Rs 50,000 to the nominees or the dependents of a member as a death benefit, in case of normal death. In case of death due to an accident during employment, the benefit offered will be Rs 300,000
  2. Cash awards: the board will offer cash awards to three males and three female Children of beneficiaries at the rate of Rs 5000, Rs 4000, and Rs 3500 for those who score 75% or above, 65% or above or less than 75%, and 55% or less than 65% marks in HSLC, AHM, and HS.
  3. Maternity benefits: the registered female labourer shall be given Rs 20,000 each as a benefit towards maternity leave during the period of pregnancy. This benefit, however, will be allowed only twice.
  4. Family pension: in the event of the death of a pensioner, a family pension will be given to the surviving spouse. The amount of 50% of the pension received by the deceased pensioner.

How to apply for Labour registration?

  1. Visit the official link of the State’s labour department, for example:
  2. On the homepage, select the option to register
  3. Provide your mobile number and you will obtain an OTP for registration
  4. Provide email ID and information on registration
  5. Fill in a password that will help login securely the next time.
  6. Once you log in, click on Contract Labour Licence
  7. Select the new license, fill the online form and submit
  8. You can check out the status of your application on the profile section of your ID.

Summing it up

In this way, the unorganized sector can finally aim to be organized and gain the benefits they rightly deserve. To ensure the implementation of benefits to labourers, the government has installed various checks from time to time, so as to avoid any form of exploitation of the labourers.

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