Jharkhand is one of the worst-hit states of India. Things become increasingly more difficult when a major chunk of the state fall below the poverty line. They barely manage to afford basic amenities, including healthcare. This makes it a herculean task for any government to aid the state on the medical frontier.

To help the Jharkhand citizens, the government of India, along with the central government has started the Jharkhand Corona Sahayata app.

What does the app provide?

The app acknowledges the fact that a lot of Jharkhand citizens are currently stuck in various parts of India. The app is also aware that these are daily wage earners who are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with expenses and the evident lack of money coming in.

In the wake of this knowledge, the app, in collaboration with the government offers to give ₹2,000 to people who are trapped outside of Jharkhand due to the lockdown.

Eligibility to avail the benefits provided by this app

In order to avail the benefits of the Jharkhand Corona Sahayata App, the applicant must have the following documentation to procure:

  • Aadhar card of the applicant
  • Jharkhand bank account details where the applicant has his/her bank account.

In conclusion

Those stuck outside of Jharkhand and finding it very difficult to get through days will see this as a respite. As it is, being away from their loved ones and in the comforts of their houses is a benefit they are devoid of. Through this monetary respite, the government hopes to make things better for these interstate migrants.

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