Integrated Power Development Scheme

The IPDS was launched in the year 2014, by the Ministry of Power, Government of India. This scheme, sought to bring positive changes, and also strengthen, the power distribution network in urban areas for providing better supply to its residents.

Details of the Scheme

  • The initial allocated outlay of the Scheme was Rs.44,011 Crore for 12th and 13th Plans.
  • The Scheme is supposed to be implemented where the population is more than 5,0000 as per census 2011.
  • Power Finance Corporation is the Nodal Agency for the Scheme implementation and has been designated for the financial and physical progress of the projects under this Scheme.
  • The grant that would be provided by the Government of India is 60% for states and 85% for Special Category states.
  • An agreement needs to be made between PFC, State Government, and all Discoms to get support and under this scheme, all Discoms are eligible to get financial support.


  • To provide unhindered power supply to households.
  • To broaden the distribution network for including all households and increase its reachability.
  • It will help reduce AT&C losses.
  • To include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) schemes as a part of the program.
  • To provide IT-enabled billing, accounting, and auditing systems.
  • It will aim to strengthen the sub-transmission systems.
  • It will also work on the metering of transformers, feeders, and consumers.
  • To reduce sustained loss, R-APDRP has been proposed as XI Plan as a Central Sector Scheme.
  • To create automated systems of procuring data related to usage and energy accounting.

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