High Voltage Distribution System – HVDS in Maharashtra

The government seems to be making definite changes, so as to benefit the backward classes. To evince this, we see the Maharashtra Government approving a new High Voltage Distribution System scheme to benefit farmers across Maharashtra. 

How many farmers is it aiming to target?

This scheme is aimed to cover as many farmers as possible. Farmers, for the longest time, have faced the brunt of irregular weather and lack of facilities to aid their yields. This results in them not being able to monetize their yield well, or not being able to produce any yield at all, which consequently leads to them committing suicides. 

How will the state government achieve this?

Mahavitaran, the State power distribution facility has initiated a process to request a loan of ₹ 2500 crore for push-start the HVDS scheme. The Maharashtra Government has taken up the onus of being a guarantor of the loan amount. 

The state has also made budgetary allocation for the Vidharbha region and Marathwada regions, as these are places in dire need of electricity. 

How has the scene been for farmers up until now?

Farmers in Maharashtra up until now shared common electricity connections to run their appliances and motors for agricultural purposes. This definitely does not provide an ample amount of electricity to them to be able to work properly. 

How will HVDS change things?

With the HDVS scheme coming into the equation, every 2 farmers now get to share a single transformer. This would cut down on electricity losses for farmers from 50% to 15%.  

In conclusion

We can safely assume that once backed with an appropriate amount of electricity, farmers can function without many worries and can solely focus on better yields. With the government looking into these matters, farmers finally get to breathe easy.

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