Women are unarguably the backbone of every household. Empowering women ensures the financial prosperity and wellbeing of every house, all across the nation. Financial wellbeing can only be achieved through education because it ensures thorough informational comprehending. 

Understanding this, the Central government initiated the Haryana Mahila Samridhi Yojana. This is a scheme that helps women understand finances and figure out how they can improve their financial situation steadily. 

What is the Haryana Mahila Samridhi Yojana?

It is a basic financing scheme where the interested women have to open an account through their nearest post office. They would have to procure their residence proof for opening the said account. 

The biggest benefit that comes with the scheme is that the applicant would not need to officiate her residence proof through a government officer or the sarpanch of the village. The interested woman can procure her own proof of residence and age, empowering her and therefore enabling her to be self-reliant and having a say in the decision-making of the house. 

The scheme primarily is an interest scheme. If a woman managed to at least save ₹300 a year, an additional ₹125 would be added to her savings. The minimum amount to pay is ₹4. 

The applicant can pay just that much or even in the multiples of ₹4 like ₹8, ₹12, ₹16, so on and forth. 

In conclusion

This is a brilliant scheme for those women who find it really difficult to manage the finances in their houses. They usually find themselves helpless in the face of adversity. With this scheme, they would at least get their finances rolling out in the right direction. 

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