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Haryana Labour Free Travel Facility Scheme 2021 – Muft Bhraman Suvidha Yojana Apply Online Form | मुफ्त भ्रमण सुविधा (धारा 22(1)(h)) BOCW Welfare Scheme

Labour is what drives a country’s progress. It, therefore, becomes essential to offer workers toiling in labour the benefits they rightfully deserve. In light of the benefits labourers deserve, the Haryana government has initiated a scheme for the overall welfare of the blue collared workers of the state – the Haryana Labour Free travel facility – which essentially promises to take care of the commuting expenses of labourers who wish to visit a place of religious importance.

Under the implementation of the scheme, the Haryana Labour welfare board will provide free travel to labourers and their four family members to religious or places of historical importance.

Implementation of the scheme

Eligible workers can avail the assistance once in a four-year duration. With the assistance offered by the Haryana Labour Welfare fund free Travel facility scheme, labourers can now visit pilgrimage and historically important places with four of their family members. The Mufti Bhraman Suvidha yojana will essentially enable labourers to get the right financial assistance at rates of fare fixed by the Indian railways and the Haryana roadways.

What are the conditions to be followed to avail of the benefits offered?

In order to avail the benefits offered under the scheme, the interested applicant has to follow these conditions:

  • All registered labourers must have a minimum of 2 years of membership/subscription.
  • The actual fare ticket must be attached with the application.
  • In the identity certificate of the registered labourer, the registration fees and subscription amount are to be mentioned as well.

Downloading the undertaking for Muft Bhraman Suvidha Yojana

In order to download the undertaking for the benefits offered by the Haryana state government and the Muft Bhraman Suvidha Yojana, one has to download the following undertaking in PDF format and fill the form and submit it to the nearest CSC centre in Haryana or Muft Bhraman Suvidha centre.

You can download the form by clicking on the link here.

Eligibility criteria for availing of the Free Pilgrimage yojana

The applicant ideally has to adhere to the following criteria to be able to avail the benefits offered by the scheme:

  • The applicant should have two years of membership.
  • The applicant can only apply for the scheme once.
  • The scheme is available for anyone in the state of Haryana.
  • The benefits of the scheme will not stand applicable to the candidate after his or her death.

Summing it up

In tough situations, people always look towards the divine, to offer them hope and solace. The Haryana government has therefore initiated the scheme to ensure that people do not hesitate to visit their pilgrimage sites and rejuvenate at a spiritual level, which will enable them to face adversities head-on, and go forth with renewed and rekindled spirits.

With this agenda in mind, the Haryana state government is offering a free pilgrimage to the citizens of the state, and through this endeavour, it aims to bring people closer to spiritual stability.  

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