Free Sewing Machine Scheme

Haryana Labour Free Sewing Machine Scheme 2021 Form / Eligibility

The pandemic has led to several people losing employment all across. This has especially impacted those from the lower-income groups who sustained their households on daily wages. With no jobs, people are left without a steady flow of income which can be a dangerous situation to be in, considering how high the prices of commodities are, given the situation.

To mitigate the effects of unemployment and to offer people an opportunity to have some income coming in, the government of Haryana has initiated the Haryana Labour Free sewing Machine scheme 2021.

About the Haryana Labour Free Sewing Machine scheme 2021

Under the implementation of the scheme, the Haryana government Welfare board will provide financial assistance of ₹3,500 for the purchase of Silai Machine, or the state government will provide it for free to workers.

The financial assistance provided under the Haryana Labour Welfare Free Sewing Machine is given to women labourers only, and it would it offered to them once in a lifetime.

Women who are registered labourers in Haryana working in an unorganised sector can get total assistance of ₹3,500 for the purchase of a sewing machine. The main aim of the scheme is to help women labourers in the state, to generate a slightly steadier flow of income for themselves. This will enable them to be self-reliant and self employable and they will not have to rely on external factors for their income.

Eligibility criteria to avail the benefits of the Haryana Free Sewing Machine scheme?

In order to avail of the benefits of the scheme, the following conditions need to be adhered to:

  • Women labourers working with the BOCW board are the sole beneficiaries of the Free Sewing machine yojana.
  • All labourers intending to benefit from the scheme must be registered with at least 1-year membership or subscription.
  • The scheme benefits are only applicable to women for a single time in their lifetime.
  • The applicant will have to specify the cost, trademark, source and date of purchase of the sewing machine.
  • Instead of giving financial assistance, the Haryana labour welfare board can even procure a sewing machine and distribute it to eligible women beneficiaries free of cost.

Downloading the form for Haryana Muft Silai Machine yojana

The form for registered women labourers will appear as shown here:

In order to avail of the benefits of the scheme, the registered woman labourer will have to download this form, fill it up and submit it to the nearest CSC centre and get it processed by authorities in charge of implementing the scheme in Haryana.

Post verification, the amount or the sewing machine will be offered to the applicant.

In conclusion

Through this scheme, the government of Haryana aims to offer hope to the people of Haryana. Times are tough and when the going gets tough, the tough indeed gets going. The poor need a helping hand to get them through such tough days, and through the implementation of the scheme, the Haryana government is offering just the same.

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