India is a country that is blessed with abundant sources of water. This works in our favour as we have developed our economy to be an agrarian one. Therefore, making provisions for irrigation through perennially flowing rivers seems to be a sure-fire formula for success. 

There are expert geologists also at work who dig borewells at places where water sources are not available. 

About this scheme 

The Ganga Kalyan Scheme basically aims to provide irrigation facilities to agricultural land through the lift irrigation scheme with the help of perennially flowing rivers. Lift pipelines are also used for the accomplishment of the same. 

Eligibility criteria for the Ganga Kalyan Scheme

Those looking to benefit from the Ganga Kalyan Scheme need to adhere to the following eligibility criteria

  1. The beneficiaries should belong to the religious minority communities which would be defined as per the Constitution of the Indian Government
  2. The beneficiary should be a permanent resident of Karnataka State
  3. The beneficiary should be categorized as a small and marginal farmer, for which annual proof of monetary turnovers needs to be procured
  4. The annual income of the farmer in need should not exceed ₹22,000/-

Parting thoughts

Through the implementation of this scheme, the government aims to provide assurance to those farmer families who suffer huge losses every year due to insufficient water. With the Ganga Kalyan Yojana in action, farmers would now get easy access to water, thereby enabling them to finally gain enough yields as to sustain themselves, their families and still have enough for further yields.

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