DBT Agriculture

In a world that is constantly changing, the effects of global warming are far-reaching. And the profession that takes the worse hit even with the slightest change in climate is those of farmers. They are the ones who have to live at the mercy of the weather, just to bring food on the table for their own families. Imagine having to live such a life where you fill the nation’s stomach, but commercialism has other plans for you. 

In the knowledge of such atrocity faced by farmers, the government of India initiated the DBT Agriculture portal. The DBT portal is exclusively for farmer benefits and its underlying motive of existence is farmer relief. 

How does this work?

Farmers are the primary earners, as they earn their source of income from whatever they grow. It would be astounding to know that our Economy is Agrarian in nature and a major chunk of our GDP is generated through agricultural produce being exported. 

In order to bring relief to farmers all across the nation, the DBT Agriculture department was set up. 

The objective of the DBT agriculture department

The primary objective of the DBT agriculture department is to send money to farmers who are going through a tough time. To implement this, the details of the farmers are collected and then the money is transferred to them through direct benefit transfer. 

What can farmers register for?

Applications can be made for any of the following schemes run by the state government for the benefit of farmers. 

  1. Krishi Input subsidy scheme
  2. Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana
  3. Agricultural input Subsidy scheme for the Drought-prone blocks
  4. Diesel Grant KMS
  5. Prime Minister of Agricultural Irrigation Scheme
  6.  Agricultural Mechanisation Scheme 
  7. Application for Seed Admitted State Government
  8. Seed Grant Scheme Application

These are some of the schemes that farmers in Bihar can use to their benefits. Those from other states would have other specific schemes in place, if not these. 

What are the documents required for Farmer Registration

  1. Aadhar Card that is linked with your functional mobile number. This is crucial as an OTP is sent to the registered mobile number during the time of registration
  2. Bank Account Details and Account Number IFSC code etc. What would be more effective and much less cumbersome is to straightaway carry your bank’s passbook as it has all the necessary information needed to process your registration. 

How to go about the registration process?  

  1. Click on the official link of DBT agriculture Bihar. Once the site loads, you will see a lot of options, that can confuse you. All you have to remember is to click on “More Options.” On doing that, a Registration tab will open right in front of you. 
  2.   Under registration, you will see some options too. The easiest is “Demographic+OTP”
  3. Here you would have to enter your Aadhar authentication and enter the OTP that is generated. 
  4. Once you have entered the OTP, you would have to click on Validate. 
  5. After you click on validate, you will see a new page loading, which would go by the name, Farmer registration. Fill in the information correctly and submit the form. A farmer registration number will appear when you submit it. The farmer has to keep this number safely as this is the Farmer registration number.

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