India has issued a nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of the lethal Coronavirus pandemic. However, even in the state of Lockdown, the essential services need to be functional, so that those who are needed to stay indoors can be provided with the essential services to sustain themselves. To make this possible, the government has issued the E-pass for working citizens of every state.

There are those who have no other option but to step out in order to provide essential services. And for these individuals to be allowed to do so, the government has issued Covid-19 curfew e-pass which allows these essential service providers the freedom to move to their workplace without any action taken against them by the police.

What documents do you need to provide for this issuance of this pass?

If you are an essential service provider, you would have to procure the following documents to receive this pass:

  • Photo ID proof
  • Residential proof
  • Mobile number
  • RC booklet of the vehicle which they would use (Registration number)
  • Government ID
  • Latest Passport size photos

Procedure for availing the Lockdown pass

In order to receive the e-pass, you would have to visit the DCP office of your locality and present the documents mentioned herewith:

  • A letter of application for the movement pass issued by the department in which your essential service details should be mentioned
  • Carry along with your ID proof like Aadhar card, driving license and Voter ID

In conclusion

Having this movement pass will make it considerably easier for you to move about in your locality. This pass offers unrestricted access so that you can provide essential services without any delay.

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