Monodarpan Yojana

With the onset of the pandemic, schools all over the world shut down almost immediately. And while this move was primarily to protect the children from the onslaught of the Covid-19 virus, the lockdowns had its own share of negative impact on the psyche of students globally. Students, who wereRead More →

Brand India Mission

In recent times, the government has taken an active part in endorsing locally produced goods. There have been several schemes launched to encourage manufacturing or producing goods locally and urging the consumer to go for these locally sourced products. Awareness through social media hashtag #VocalForLocal has also been put outRead More →

Covid Vaccine

With talks of the Covid-19 vaccine catching wind and spreading like wildfire, everyone wishes to be first in line at getting vaccinated against a disease that entrapped much of 2020. The Union Health Minister said that India could well have its answer to the vaccine available through a vaccination driveRead More →


Rampant digitisation taking over has made applying and checking status of governmental procedures increasingly easier. With more schemes now aiming for an online presence for the sole reason that it offers better accessibility to the people, benefitting from governmental schemes has now become easy for the people who need it.Read More →

Customer Service Point

What is a Customer Service Point? A customer service point essentially is a mini bank. It basically offers all the facilities offered by a bank and you also get additional facilities through the Customer Service Centre. Through a Customer Service Point, an applicant can get through all financial duties andRead More →