Bihar Corona Sahataya

The pandemic has hit the world pretty hard, and some of the most affected places happen to be those whose maximum population falls under the poverty bracket. One such place in India happens to be Bihar.

To mitigate the spread and effects of the pandemic on Bihar, the government of India has issued the online help app for the poor people of Bihar, called the Bihar Corona Sahayata App.

What does the app do?

The app helps people get in touch with authorities and seek monetary help. It is common knowledge that a lot of Bihar residents migrate to the other parts of the nation to earn their livelihood and are now stuck there due to the lockdown issued nationwide.

To tackle the consequences of the lockdown in Bihar, the Bihar government with the help of the Central Government has come up with the Corona Sahayata app which will help citizens to get a financial respite of ₹1,000 by registering on the app.

The app was released on the 5th of April 2020 and is being looked into and monitored closely by the Disaster Management Department and the Government of Bihar.

Beneficiaries mostly include residents of Bihar who are stuck outside Bihar and are out of means to make through this lockdown period.

What documents would one need to benefit from the app?

  • 1 Aadhar Card copy with a clear photo
  • Beneficiary’s bank account number and bank name details which is located in the State of Bihar
  • Photograph (selfie) of the Beneficiary.

In conclusion

Further information on this app is available at the official website

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