Biotechnology Ignition Grant

The Biotechnology Ignition Grant or the BIG scheme aims to emphasize the importance of Biotechnology across the country. In order to fuel the great minds of the country towards biotechnological advancements, the Biotechnology Ignition Grant came into existence. 

This funding scheme is available to scientist entrepreneurs from various research institutions, and various fields of academia, start-ups, etc. The possibilities are endless when you have a constant financial backing, and that is exactly what the BIG scheme aims to achieve – bring to light various biotechnological findings that will put the country among the big names of Biotechnologically advanced nations across the globe. 

What must an applicant do to avail of the big scheme?

In order to avail of the BIG scheme, the candidate needs to either be an Incubatee or have a registered company with a functional R&D faction to be eligible for the grant. 

This scheme is devised to aptly stimulate commercialization of research discoveries by providing early-stage grants which will help start-ups and various institutions to successfully gap the bridge between discovery and invention. 

What are the objectives of the scheme?

Some of the main objectives of the scheme are to foster a generation of ideas with evident commercialization potential. No revolutionary idea would then stay in the shadows for far too long, and every great idea would, therefore, receive the spotlight it deserves. 

It also encourages people to bring technology closer to thought processes, so that making ideas commercial is at the core of every solution. With this grant, not only would the individual benefit but a nation benefits as a whole. 

Money Talk

As a part of the BIG scheme, BIG innovators can receive up to Rs 50 Lakh for research projects with commercialization potential of up to 18 months. 

In conclusion

Ideas are fuelled by sufficient financial backing, and with the BIG scheme into the picture, ideas forming into reality would not take too long. It is only a matter of time now when Biotechnology springs up in the nation as a trending sector to pursue careers in. 

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