BC Sakhi Yojana

Employment opportunity for a woman has always been a challenge due to regressive notions harboured by the society around working women. And while a new India emerges in the face of adversity, offering equal employment opportunities to women is something that is surfacing all the more these days.

The government of UP has started the Sakhi Yojana which offers employment opportunities to women in Uttar Pradesh.

What does the BC Sakhi Yojana offer?

The Yojana aims to connect rural areas with banks and therefore the government of Uttar Pradesh has introduced the BC Sakhi Yojana. Under this scheme, the government aims to offer 58 thousand banking Sakhi in villages. The government will also provide employment to rural areas and will offer financial support to women from the economically weaker sections of society.

The BC in BC Sakhi Yojana stands for Banking Correspondent.

The women under this scheme will be deployed to rural areas and would be offering banking information about the benefits of banking and banking schemes which are run by the government. This would be a door to door service so that more and more people are roped into banking benefits.

How to apply for BC Sakhi Yojana?

  • Visit the website: http://up.gov.in/.
  • On the homepage you will see: Apply Now. The applicant needs to click here
  • An application form will open up on the screen
  • The applicant has to enter the required details
  • The applicant would have to submit the form for final submission of application

This is a fantastic employment scheme for those who are unemployed especially in these times when jobs are a scarcity. With this, a lot of families will finally get to make ends meet amidst a financial crisis.

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